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The Environment

Create a chemical free home

Volunteers Cleaning Park

The water bottle situation

Reduce plastic use and waste

By investing in your own Kangen machine you not only save a lot of money by not needing to pay for bottled water all of the time, you also make a huge impact on reducing plastic waste in the form of plastic bottles


400 years

to decompose

This is how long it takes for a plastic water bottle to decompose, leaving chemicals in the ground and water, that gets cycled through our ecosystem and ends up in all animals from fish to humans, creating disease.

Alternatives to bottled water are needed more than ever for the future of our planet

Grocery Shopping

Remove Pesticides

With 11,5 pH water

Since 11,5 Strong Kangen water emulsifies oils we can now remove pestecides from our fruits and vegetables.

A great bonus to this is the charge of the water that will create a higher elerctromagnetic field to your food.

Raw food just got even better!

Disinfect and clean

With different pH settings

Disinfect your cutting board or your hands with 2,5 pH water

or use it to clean a wound.

Kills Salmonella, Mold, Staphylococcus, E. Coli and and many other bacteria and viruses without using chemicals

Green and biodegradable

Herbs and Vegetables
Natural Beauty Products
Natural Beauty Products

Beauty water

The 6.0 pH water

Remove all expensive and harmful products and exchange it with the many uses of the 6.0 water

Clean and moisture your face, create your own beauty products and leave out all the chemicals

6.0 can be misted directly on the face and body for hydration and vitality


No more carcinogens!

With the Anespa DX you can eliminate 99,9 % of all carcinogenic fluoride

With minerals from the hot springs of Hokaido, Japan,  you get the best shower and bathing water available that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin naturally.

Good bye expensive beauty products that harm the body and environment. Hello Anespa DX

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