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Testimonials are not to be seen as medical claims nor garanties that you'll have the same results. It's just a preview of what including high quality drinking water can do when combined with a healthy lifestyle.


"After I got this water into my life, EVERYTHING changed."

Sanna S.

This water... I have no words to describe my gratefulness for it.

I have been struggling with chronic fatigue, chronic pain in my legs and autoimmune disease (ME) a big part of my life.


I also had other things like a poor skin condition in my face, bad night vision, thin hair and severe period pains. It got better when I started my health journey 7 years ago but it was never to the point of me calling myself healthy.


After I got this water into my life, EVERYTHING changed.

I felt ALIVE for the first time in my life.

All of the things I struggled with disappeared.

This effect came after just a few weeks with the water.


Still I don't want to miss one single day with the water. I have had months without it and I could feel my body starting to go down in energy and health again.


Super hydration and a strong supply of electrons was the missing piece for me and I think it is for most people when it comes to health and recovering.

My ex bought a machine and I said she was crazy until a month later I felt so much better and started to read the science that she printed from the old internet, now censored. It's very easy for me as a science guy to debunk the debunkers on ionized alkaline water. Best health care I ever tried by far.


I used to suffer from Bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue and started to experience big changes in my energy levels straight away.
For example I would start to wake up, not feeling tired for the first time in years Before having two cups of coffee. I was amazed and even managed to stop drinking coffee.

My depressions also started to slowly disappear and after 6 months I still hadn't had ONE single depression, for a bipolar person this is huge.
Not even a winter depression!
1 year went by, 2 years. Not a single depression, no anxiety, no overstimulated nervous system.
Except for once when I was away from my machine for 2 months.

I'm forever grateful for this coming into my life.
I went from unstable to highly functioning in less than one year.


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