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Vital Living Water

Boost your health. 

Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Believe It, Pursue It


Most of us already know that the human body is comprised of 70-80% water, so it's not much of a stretch to say that "the basis of vitality and long life is water". If you want to feel good and be at your optimal health level, you should drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis.

But not just any type of water. We need Vital Living Water

Optimal water should be:

Purified + Restructured + Alkalized + Negatively Charged + Hydrogen Rich.

This is called ERW water. Or Living water

Enagic® is rewarded for being THE company that delivers the best water ionizers in the world.

Compared to hundreds of others on the market, only Enagic has been granted the seal of approval by JAPA's carefully executed testing by thousands of doctors

See more here.

Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese. For more than 47 years, ERW Water has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. Enagic makes machines that transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh-tasting, charged, living drinking water.

A technology used in hospitals around the world now made possible for us all, without necessarily going there. 

A technology that mimics the natural conditions that occur at the most healthy springs

that only exist in a few places in the world, where people live long and healthy lives, with little to none of the chronic illnesses we experience in the rest of the world. People have pilgrimaged to these places for hundreds of years because of the revitalizing quality of the water.

47 years of unmatched technology and service. And now we are able to get it in the comfort of our own homes.
Beware of cheap companies claiming to be better, many people have gotten very disappointed expecting the same effects with cheaper machines. Studies show over and over again that these are the best water ionizers on the market today. Scientists and doctors agree. 

It's called the miracle water and mimics natural conditions that occur on a few extraordinary places on earth as Okinawa in Japan, Lourdes in France and Nordenau in Germany.

People are experiencing Extraordinary things when coming in contact with this kind of water, and it's possible to mimic so we don't have to travel to these springs to get this effect. Now you can have it in your kitchen or hotel, restaurant, yoga studio, gym or spa.
And people can come to you and replenish.

miracle water springs.png
mimics nature.jpg

Here is a short video on how Kangen Water® works.
Very short. Like an appetizer.

Be sure to go through more for a wider understanding

Kangen Water® is superior to tap, purified, well, bottled and Reversed Osmosis (RO) water. 
Feel free to go through this site page by page, depending what information you feel you need most at the moment.
This front page has great videos regarding the health benefits of the water. 

For more Science, go see why doctors all over the world recommend these specific water ionizers, here I continually will add great sources, clinical studies and more.

here's a lot of science and I have gathered some of it here for you to go through and enjoy. Here it gets clear to see how drinking the highest quality ionized water can TRULY change your life and why.

It's also clear why we should go for Medical Grade and not any
knock-offs. In this case, choose quality over quantity, These machines have many certifications and awards and the HIGHEST medical grade ISO 13485


Interested in more on what Kangen water is and how it works in the body?
Check out the tab "Kangen Water" in the menu.


You can also check out the "Testimonials" where people share their health journeys with the water.

For a great PDF with many doctors, scientists, nutritionists, athletes, clinical studies and so forth feel free to download it HERE:

If you're Swedish as me, feel free to check out the
Swedish version" as well.

There is so so much more information on this subject of water and health so if you wonder something specific, don't be shy to ask further down on this page. And most info is presented in the videos on this page. So be sure to check them out.

But first, lets address the problem... 

The water today:

It's no news that we have many different pollutants in both the ground water and our tap water.
And most of them are completely unregulated.
But the toxins are not the only, nor the biggest problem. Tap and well water around the world is usually dead water, meaning it is lacking of its vitalizing charge (Electrons). This makes water molecules cluster together to the size where we can not absorb the water directly. So even if we drink a lot of water we are still dehydrated, 90% of people in the western world are.

This kind of water is also acidifying and oxidizing in the body, leading to most of the illnesses we see in the world including cancer, auto immune disorders, mental disorders.

See more under "Science and Doctors" and in the Webinar further down on this page.

This is why we need to restore water to its healing original optimal state.


*Well water will vary a lot from place to place and country to country. In some countries it's still better with well water than tap

Look at the videos below to get a fuller picture of what this Living Kangen Water do to our bodies and contact me to have your own machine shipped to your own house to experience your new life.

Are you ready to prioritize yourself, your health, and your loved ones?

Give your body the best water to be able to heal itself as it's supposed to do and to keep you

and your loved ones healthy and vital for many many years to come.

Mineral rich


Alkalized - Not Alkaline

Crystalline Structure
Super Hydrating




Kangen-Water by Nutritionist Antonina Bureacenco:

Hear Dr. Michaels touching story of how Kangen water helped his daughter recover and what he learned through that.

More information on this on Science and Doctors

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